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Welcome Sierrans,

The Sierrans for Responsible Resource Development (the Sierrans) represent those residents of the Sierra Nevada Mountain who work (or have worked) in, or have an appreciation for, the resource industries and associated services industries.  We also represent those who believe and are committed to responsible and sustainable resource development in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to preserve the land for future generations.


The Sierran Nevada Mountains (in California) represent the following counties:


  • Alpine County

  • Amador County

  • Butte County

  • Calaveras County

  • El Dorado County

  • Fresno County

  • Inyo County

  • Kern County

  • Madera County

  • Mariposa County

  • Mono County

  • Nevada County

  • Placer County

  • Plumas County

  • Sierra County

  • Tulare County

  • Tuolumne County

  • Yuba County


Our primary goals are to:


  1. Educating the public about responsible and sustainable resource industries in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the benefits of those industries to society;

  2. Track legislative issues that affect the resource industries in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and inform the members and the public about these issues;

  3. Work, on behalf of its members and the resource industries, to ensure current, proposed, and future legislation affecting the resource industries is required, reasonable, streamlined, and technically and economically feasible;

  4. Work to support our members and the resource industries in educating the public about current, proposed, and future responsible and sustainable resource industry projects and technologies; and

  5. Ensure the historic and cultural preservation of the resource industries in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


See the Goals and Objectives Tab for more details.


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