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Corporate Membership

Sierrans for Responsible Resource Development


P.O. Box 404

Grass Valley, CA 95945

Tel: (530) 271-0679 

To apply for corporate membership, please fill out the Corporate Membership and Annual Renewal Form (see link) and mail it, with your check, to the address above.  Alternatively, you can complete the Form, email it to use, and pay through the "Buy Now" link using Paypal or a credit card.  If you have questions, please email us at or use the Contact Us form under About Us on this website.


Please make sure to indicate whether you are applying for a platinum, gold, silver, or bronze membership.  Please include the name of your corporation and the primary contact for the membership.  We will contact you to finalize the membership process.  Welcome to the Sierrans!


Annual Dues:


Platinum - $2,500 or more per year

Gold - $1,000 per year

Silver - $500 per year 

Bronze - $250 per year


Each corporate membership will have a designated primary individual and two alternative individuals.  One of the alternative individuals will ideally attend membership meetings when the primary individual is not available.  Each corporate membership will have one vote at a membership meeting.  Any additional members of a corporation that join the Sierrans, other than the three members above, will be required to obtain individual memberships.  Corporations get one vote at any membership meeting.


The Serrans reserves the right to reject any corporate member that does not reflect the goals and objectives of the corporation.  Memberships run from January 1 to December 31 each year and are not pro-rated.



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