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The Resource Industries

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are rich in natural resources. This includes metals (e.g. gold, silver, copper, and other metals), stone, aggregates, timber, agriculture products, and recreation (e.g. fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.).  These industries were what originally drew people to California and supported the growth of the state for over 150 years.   Today, with a growing population and competing land uses, the resource industries have to operate much differently than in the past - taking into account environmental and social responsibility in addition to economic factors.  


Today's resource industries co-exist with other land uses and are important to the society we live in.  Almost everything we use in our daily lives comes from the resource industries in one form or the other - if its not mined, its grown.  While the "not in my back yard" is a prevalent attitude in California, the community has to recognize that these industries are needed to support the economy, provide jobs, pay taxes, and provide the goods we need to survive in the 21st century.  The Sierrans for Responsible Resource Development (the "Sierrans") support responsible and sustainable resource development for the benefit of society.  We hope you do to.  


A list of the industries we represent is below.  If you would like to learn more about the resource industries in the Sierra Nevadas and the associated support and services industries, click on the links below.


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