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Supply and Service Industries


There are many supply and service industries associated with the resource industries and their employees.  Either the resource industries purchase and use these goods and services directly or indirecty through their employees and their families purchasing goods and services. These supply and service industries include, but are not limited to:


  • Real estate services

  • Mortgage services

  • Housing rental services

  • Office rental services

  • Banks and financial institutions

  • Insurance companies

  • Accounting and tax services

  • Security services

  • Car rental services

  • Equipment rental services

  • Transportation services

  • Goods and material suppliers

  • Retailers

  • Equipment suppliers

  • Architectural services

  • Engineering services

  • Survey services

  • Environmental monitoring services

  • Hydrogeolocial monitoring services

  • Geologic services

  • Geophysics services

  • Landscaping services

  • Lawn care services

  • Legal services

  • Safety services

  • Fabrication services

  • Hotel and accommodation services

  • Restaurant services

  • Construction services

  • Maintenance services

  • Laundry services

  • Medical services

  • And much more

Many supply and service related industries rely on the resource industries for some or all of their business.  The Sierrans for Responsible Resource Development (the "Sierrans") believes that the resource industries are primary industries needed to provide  base for which the service industries can generate their business around, in one way or another.  Similarly, the resource industries depend on the goods and service suppliers to operate economically and efficiently, and in a responsible and sustainable way.  The resource industries and supply and service industries have a co-dependence and need to support each other through various economic cycles.

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